Welcome to Northern Virginia! NoVa is a great place to live and raise a family. We wife and I have spent just about our entire adult lives here and all 5 of our kids were born and raised here. It is definitely home for us.
Fairfax County is our home, but we operate our real estate business throughout Prince William, Arlington, and Loudoun counties as well. These counties have hundreds of communities and neighborhoods within them. As you have no doubt noticed already, our local economy is very strong, and our housing prices are some of the highest in the nation. This makes finding the right match, at a price that makes sense for you, the central challenge of our work together.
It isn’t fun to be “house poor” - it is stressful to be paying so much for your housing that there is little left for savings and living and giving. Our goal is to come alongside you and help you make an informed decision about the best home base for your life. There are things you will decide aren’t as essential, and there are other things you will decide are more central to your life. These considerations are of even greater importance than home style and other house-specific considerations.  
Real estate decisions aren’t about houses and land. They are about people. Your lifestyle - jobs, schools, churches, pastimes - your plans. It is about finding a home base from which you can accomplish your dreams for your life, and if you are new to NoVa, we would love to introduce you to our home and help set you up for success.
In the end, it’s never truly about the house, it’s about the people who call it home.